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2005 In Review

2005 was our official innagural year. We had a great success on Mount Everest and in the Media and Press in spreading our Cancer Awareness Program.

CFAC believes in a cancer awareness program that encourages prevention, education and detection. Our focused program involves:

  1. cancer prevention steps
  2. cancer self-exam program
  3. healthy lifestyle package

We hope that if this information helps save one life, we have accomplished our goal.

Public Events, Press and Media In Which CFAC Presented Our Climbing For A Healthy LIfestyle Theme

June 11 - Exclusive Interview on NBC for Cancer Awareness/Climbing Mount Everest - San Jose, CA
July 27 - Exclusive Interview with Tsing Tao News - Cupertino, CA
August 1 - Exclusive Interview on Live Talk TV KSTF - San Francisco, CA
August 3 - San Francisco Chronicle Interview - San Francisco, CA
August 4 - Honored Key Speaking Engagement at the Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Education and Support Group - Mountain View, CA
August 23 - Key Speaking Engagement at the Mid-Pennisula Widow and Widowers Association - Los Altos, CA
October 13 to 16 - Closing Addressment Speaking Engagement for the National Graves' Disease Foundation - San Diego, CA
October 19 - Title Speaking Engagement at Sons In Retirement - San Jose, CA
October 22 - Title Speaking Engagement for Asian Pan-American Club - Los Altos, CA
October 24 - Title Speaking Engagement for Genentech - South San Francisco, CA

CFAC Reaches over 600,000 during its Everest ascent and even more throughout 2005!

CFAC was invigorated when we saw that our site had over 600,000 direct hits during our Everest ascent alone! Over 25% of these directly referenced to our Cancer Awareness and Detection pages which validates our goal in utilizing climbing as a vehicle to bring real exposure to our valuable public programs.

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